Legoland helps to deal with fear of roller coasters

This summer, Legoland Florida is helping families deal with fear of roller coasters, by arming parents with a “Roller Coaster Readiness” experience.

With the precious help and in a partnership with the nationally-recognized psychologist and award-winning author Dr. Susan Bartell, Legoland created tools for both guests and employees to help parents manage these challenging situations.

Legoland Florida proclaims itself the perfect spot for kids to ride their very first roller coaster. But, because there is always fear involved, Legoland wants to provide resources to parents to ensure that the first plunge is a positive experience for the entire family.


Bartell, and her team, has helped the park to create a Roller Coaster Readiness guide that includes things families can do before they leave home, tips on managing a melt-down and ways to celebrate a great experience. The guide is available online and at the theme park as well. Dr. Susan Bartell has also helped in Legoland Florida’s employees training to create a calmer and safer environment for families to make their decisions about the experience and their feelings towards it.

Legoland Florida launched this program this month in preparation for the busy summer season to come – its first. The theme park opened last October with 50 rides, shows and attractions and has already become a favorite destination of young families.

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