Successful Living from Diesel with Foscarini: a growing family

Innovative textures and original materials are combined in the new products offered by the “Successful Living from Diesel with Foscarini” line, the result of a partnership that began in 2009 between one of the cheekiest fashion brands and the expertise of a leading company in the designer lighting industry. The Diesel Creative Team, a wealth of inspiration and trends changed by different means of expression, and Foscarini’s know-how have come together successfully for the fourth year running, adding to the family.

A skilful mix of handmade touches and industrial mood has led to four new unique products, all very different from each other, able to strongly characterise all the rooms in the house. The playful Duii mini can be placed on the bedside table, Heavy Metal next to the sofa of a vintage lounge, the monolithic Soft Power, wearing a light denim-inspired fabric, rests reassuringly on the table, and Metal Glass stands out in all its materiality on a console table or as an eye-catcher in the suspended version. The products in the collection interact with very different targets, taking fragments of different universes and distant experiences with them, from the glass blowing tradition, to welded metal, and from layered fabric to pressed glass. Infinite experimentation on materials is translated into many light sources that express rock, easy and pop souls.

The extremely flexible ‘Diesel with Foscarini’ products are naturally suited to the domestic walls as well as other environments. In fact, the models in the collection appear in some important contract works – an unmistakable sign of the nomadic nature of the members of the family, which move naturally from an informal context to more institutional areas.

The Successful Living from Diesel with Foscarini line is distributed in the best lighting and furnishing showrooms and in international Diesel stores and department stores.

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