Electrolux hosts “The most important annual dinner in France”

From May 16 to 27, Electrolux is bringing 90 years of culinary expertise to the so called “most important annual dinner in France”, at Cannes Film Festival.

In a partnership between Electrolux and award-winning chefs, some of them Michelin Star holders, the Electrolux Agora Pavilion is hosting the official 2012 Film Festival de Cannes Opening Gala Dinner and the Jury Deliberation Lunches.

The gala dinner will provide guests a whole new culinary experience matching the highest possible standards, where Electrolux’s partner chefs will perform their most elaborate work and art.


As the supplier of choice to approximately half of Europe’s Michelin Star restaurants, Electrolux will bring to the Cinema Festival Michelin Star winner chefs Bruno Oger (France), Rasmus Kofoed (Denmark) and Tommy Myllymaki (Sweden). The top chefs will work alongside with the well known sommelier Jens Dolk (Sweden). The chefs will cook for guests such as Ewan McGregor, Diane Kruger and Jean Paul Gaultier – all of whom are on this year’s Festival Jury.

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