Bacardi builds foundation for charity

Bacardi Limited is building a foundation of corporate and social responsibility in its 150th anniversary year. The brand wanted to highlight this important date and its long-standing legacy of philanthropy and community involvement with a special happening.

The event has its special focus on employees giving back through volunteerism.

Bacardi’s charity program, “Spirit for Life, Caring Together”, has been promoting activities and declared the month of May the charity month where employees will work together on community projects such as: home building; meal distribution for needy families; fundraisers for educational, arts and cultural programs; clothing and blood drive campaigns; young adult mentorship programs; park and community center clean-ups; recycling programs; bat conservation efforts.


The “Spirit for Life, Caring Together” program gives Bacardi employees the opportunity to take time off from work and volunteer or support a cause through locally organized team activities. The program reinforces the brand’s values and states the Bacardi commitment to the environment and sustainable business practices.

Philanthropy and community involvement have been one of the areas of focus for Bacardi Limited in Corporate Responsibility.

Bacardi is also publishing a brochure featuring “150 Corporate Responsibility Facts” from the Bacardi Limited CR values.

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