IndieLisboa’12 gets closer to University students

In anticipation of the main festival this year, IndieLisboa’12 is presenting a film series with some of the movies shown in previous editions, at the University of Lisbon. Starting March 27, and during three days, IndieLisboa’12 will have free sessions every afternoon at 6:30PM.

This initiative is a partnership between the IndieLisboa’12 and the University of Lisbon, in an attempt to bring Cinema to the academic environment. The program includes two feature films and a session of short films.

The main festival is held annually in Lisbon every year during 11 days, and this year is taking place from April 26 to May 6.


March 27
• The Burglar; Benjamin Heisenberg; 2010; 97′; Fiction; Germany/Austria.
March 28 (short session; 65′)
• My Name Is; Stéphane Elmadjian; 2002; 16′; Documentary; France.
• Music for One Apartment and Six Drummers; Johannes Stjarne Simonssen and Ola Nilson; 2001; 10′; Fiction; Sweden.
• Best go First; Hans Petter Moland; 2002; 9′; Fiction; Norway.
• One day Marie Paccou; 1997; 4′; Animation; France.
• Alice and I; Micha Wald; 2004; 19′; Fiction; Belgium.
• At the end of the World; Bronzit Konstantin; 1998; 7′; Animation; France.
March 29
• Black Dynamite; Scott Sanders; 2009; 84′; Fiction; USA


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