Grand Canyon West Eclipsing Sunset

The Grand Canyon West will be the right place at the right time to watch the Solar Eclipse, on May 20. Visitors will be invited to view a rare Solar Event at one of America’s most breathtaking sites. This year, Grand Canyon West visitors will experience one of the most dramatic solar events that was last seen 18 years ago.

The eclipse will occur near sunset at approximately 7:30 pm and will last 4 to 5 minutes. The eclipse originates from the west; it will first be seen in Asia, then over Japan, move across the Pacific Ocean to the American West Coast and those in Northwest Texas will be the last to see it. When the eclipse reaches Grand Canyon West, it will have reached its “annular phase” as the sun’s altitude is 20° or lower creating an eclipsing sunset.

Visibility of the eclipse is weather permitting and viewers must wear special solar glasses to view the phenomenon.

During all day, visitors can enjoy all three viewpoints at Grand Canyon West including Guano Point, Hualapai Ranch and Eagle Point where they can walk the Skywalk, watch Native American performances, tour a Native American Village and more.

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